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Music is My Life

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"If You Hate Something Don't You Do It To"  - Pearl Jam

"Times Gonna Wash Away Your Pain" - KMFDM

"Everybody Loves Stars" - Cold

"Its Never Bad Enough to Just Leave or Give Up, But its Never Good Enough to Feel Right" - Taking Back Sunday

"The Empty Mailbox On The Downest Days" - Fig Dish

"Lifes Slipping Away From Me, Its Not The Way i Thought It'd be" - Dope

"Standing in the Storm Theres Comfort" -Cellophane

"Your Shits Like Chocolate Cake, Your Ass Smells Like a Rose" Static-x

"All the World Loves Things of Beauty and Intruige these Two Things i Never had One" - Cold

"Sometimes We Carry More Weight then We Own. Sometimes Goes On and On" -Candelbox

"What would my life be without pain in me?" - Drain STH

"a processed pig is white trash meat, some people call it spam" - Scott Weiland

"i love the smell of arbitrary lies" -Tweaker

"if we don't feel at all how can we feel alive?" Kevin Martin

"i was kicking ass like a dialtone" - Fig Dish

"you kept the feeling but the pains still alive" - Cold





Pearl Jam, Cold, Dope, Static-x, Deftones, Tea Party, Cellophane, Tweaker/Chris Vrenna, Yellowcard, Story of the Year, Fig Dish, Dishwalla, Sponge, Bon Jovi, Dean Martin, Chopin, Marilyn Manson, Taking Back Sunday, Ministry, KMFDM, Bile, Twisted Method, Primer55, Queen,  Silverchair, Bush, Professional Murder Music, Pigface, Three Days Grace, Social Distortion, Goo Goo Dolls, Lostprophets, Lauren Christy, LA Guns, Soundgarden, Videodrone, Slitheryn, Famouse Monsters, System of A Down, The Nixons, Veruca Salt, Stone Temple Pilots, Carolines Spine, Candlebox, Alice in Chains, Poe, Dollshead, Drain STH, Cellophane...etc

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"if you hate something, don't you do it too"